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About Mirtillo

Mirtillo was born in 2007. He's the third of three brothers. He's actually flying on behalf of Los Chupacabras:

Meet Mirtillo in Evati.

About Me (for group therapy)

I'm a consultant specialized in Intellectual Property Law and Tax Law.

I've been working in Italy in the aforementiond areas of practice since 2006 and I gained experience of Foreign Direct Investment in China, where I worked in 2008.

Mirtillo's ideas and ideals

"A true friend is one who has the courage to disagree with us when [we are] in the wrong, and advise us for our own good, rather than let his sympathy or sentimentality cause him to agree." Friendship is not friendship without trust, without it I walk alone.


I prefer to concentrate on few topics instead of dealing with a lot of subjects, thus increasing the chance of performing succesfully. Therefore, I want to arise attention on the following issues:



  • low sec revamp, the 5th CSM should focus on outlaw space (militia and piracy reform, lvl 4th missions in low);
  • aggression timer up to 1m.30 sec;
  • align to bookmarks;
  • wormhole: entering in wh space brings you 8000 km far from the wh exit. Jump range 2500 km;
  • rockets DPS increase;
  • add implants on capsule killmails;
  • overload area is too small;
  • inactive Poss should be removed;
  • make gang assist modules work when one or more squad commanders are not on grid;
  • self destruct under aggression should generate killmail;
  • user friendly killmail (XML);
  • show lens damage.



  • AF revamp;
  • Dramiel balance (cost decrease, power grid decrease to 34, velocity decrease);
  • Worm balance (speed up, two launcher, one turret, power up to 36);
  • Deimos cost decrease;




- Tortugone request some changes in ECM and technical improvments, in particular he'd like to see an increase of optimal range for Falcon.


- Miklas has some really good points regarding the overload area and about the use of gang assist modules.


- Lofe and others pointed out valid arguments against the increase of Hulk HP, I decided to remove this proposal.


- Vicious "krall" asked for an increase of Eos drone bandwidth.


- Porco wants specific improvments of aggro mech.

"I quit smooking with Mirtillo"
"Feeling good with Mirtillo"
"The goddess made Mirtillo"
"Mirtillo inside you"